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Note: You may buy a ticket for a 'win' and a 'perfecta' for each character. Buy 'win' means you pick the winner. Buy 'perfecta' means you pick the top two chocobos (it does not matter which order). Place your bets by commenting the race post made in the Mallboro Community.

Registered Chocobos

Jockey: Jecht
Gender: Male
Player: Count Lieberkuhn

Jockey: Laguna
Gender: Male
Player: Bob

Jockey: Loz
Gender: Male
Player: Amy

Jockey: Moogle Kupo
Gender: Female
Player: Agent0042
Admiral Einhorn

Jockey: Blank
Gender: Male
Player: Wyvern

The Race

The race is basically a board game played by nobody. A number of chocobos race around a track based on numbers from a simulated six-sided die. The chocobo moves that many spaces until they've gone around the course/board 10 times. The first to cross the finish line is the winner! But it's not quite this simple. Read on for more details.

Chocobo Stats

There are four defining qualities in a chocobo to make them race differently (and more fun to bet on). Those are: type/color, acceleration, top speed, and stamina. The type/color of each chocobo is randomly chosen, while the other three stats, while also randomized, are linked to ensure that all chocobos are equally awesome.

Type/Color - This determines how the special spaces on the board affect your chocobo. More information on this later in the Chocobo Colors section.

Acceleration - As chocobos race, they will increase their speed. To do so, they must first accelerate. The acceleration stat is the number of turns a chocobo must take to increase his/her speed. The more stars, the better.

Top Speed - While the game involves a randomized dice-like movement, a chocobo will also gain "speed." They start at a speed of 0. As they race, they will move up in speed, and each speed level will give them a +speed bonus onto their roll. For example, if a chocobo is at Speed 2 and "rolls" a five, they will move 7 spaces (5+2=7). The chocobo's top speed is the highest speed they can reach.

Stamina - Stamina is the chocobo's ability to maintain a speed. Of course, they can maintain slower speeds easier than higher. Each time a chocobo takes its turn, their stamina is reduced by -current_speed. So if their speed is 2, then each time their stamina will go down by 2. If a chocobo's stamina falls lower than 10% of its maximum stamina, the chocobo will be tired and start to walk. This means the speed becomes -2 and will only make forward progress on high rolls.* But, because the speed is -2, it means they will be gaining 2 stamina for each turn (stamina-(-2) is the same as stamina+2). The chocobo will resume running when its stamina is at least 50% full again.

*Note: Chocobos do not move backwards. If terrain or speed or both changes their roll total to a negative amount, they instead only move one space forward.

Terrain (The Game Board)

There is only one course, but it changes each time there is a race. The chocobos race around in a circle with 75 spaces for 10 laps, which means 750 spaces in total. The board is cusomized by having special sections that cause different effects. The special sections are land types: Forest, Mountain, and Beach. The size of each of these varies per match to make it hard to predict which chocobo type will be best for the match.

Forest Terrain: A forest will take up 20-30% of the board. Chocobos can get lost in the Forest Terrain, which causes them to lose acceleration the longer they stay in the forest.

Beach Terrain: A beach will take up 10-30% of the board. Chocobos have difficulty running in the sand and mud, which causes them to lose speed while on the beach.

Mountain Terrain: A mountain will take up 15-30% of the board. Chocobos have difficulty climbing the steep incline, which causes them to lose twice as much stamina while on mountains.

Chocobos Colors (Types)

Yellow Chocobos

- Don't lose acceleration in forests.

Blue Chocobos

- Don't lose speed on beaches.

Green Chocobos

- Don't lose stamina climbing mountains.

Black Chocobos

- Rarely get lost in forests.
- Sometimes fly over forests.

White Chocobos

- Regain stamina while in forests.

Red Chocobos

- Scare chocobos into changing their speed (usually slowing).
-Sprint more often.

Dark Blue Chocobos

- Rarely lose speed on beaches.
- Sometimes run through ocean, bypassing beaches.

Gold Chocobos

- Don't lose acceleration in forests.
- Don't lose speed on beaches.
- Don't lose stamina climbing mountains.

Racing Your Own Chocobo

If you would like to race your own chocobos, you can talk to Bob (the mod) about purchasing a yellow chocobo. It will begin with 12 Stars, which you can distribute to its Speed, Acceleration, and Stamina (maximum of 5 in any one category). You may pick the gender of the chocobo (male or female, used for breeding purposes only) as well.

Breeding Chocobos

Occasionally, a post will come up asking if you would like to breed your chocobos. The owners of chocobos may comment on these threads and try to make their chocobos "hook up." Coordinate with another chocobo owner through comments to try to breed any two chocobos, but remember: each chocobo will only have one offspring, so the two owners will have to decide who will get the lucky offspring.

The color of your chocobo will largely be determined by the color of the parents. The gender of the chocobo, however, is completely random and unchangable. The chart below shows what chocobos need to be bred to create the new colors.

Chocobo Breeding Chart


Note: Any chocobo combination can create white, but it is always a very low probability.

The Program

If you would like to simulate your own chocobo races, you may download my program by clicking the image to the left. The program will simulate different chocobos of various types, names, and stats and race them. Two outputs will appear: chocoborace.html and chocobostats.html. chocoborace.html contains the actual race data, so it is recommended that you do not look at it until people have placed bets on the chocobos, which are listed in the chocobostats.html file.